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In the name of Jesus: Welcomed, Loved, Sent

From the Parish Priest:

“Welcome to the website of the parishes of St Bernadette, Whitchurch, Bristol and St Dunstan, Keynsham.

St Bernadette’s predominantly serves the areas of Whitchurch, Hengrove and Stockwood. St Dunstan’s serves Keynsham and Saltford and outlying villages.

We are welcoming, friendly parishes, with a mix of old and young and lots of different nationalities making up our community. We belong to the Diocese of Clifton.

Our raison d’être as a parish is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and to be welcoming, friendly places, offering love and care to the whole of the local community.

Our vision is: “In the name of Jesus: Welcomed, Loved, Sent”

Hopefully through this website, and your engagement with the parishes, you will see how we try to do this.”

Fr Matt Anscombe

Parish Priest