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In the name of Jesus: Welcomed, Loved, Sent

Parish Priest:

Fr Matt Anscombe

Fr Matt was appointed as Parish Priest of St Bernadette’s in September 2015 and as Parish Priest of St Dunstan’s in August 2019. Ordained in 2010, he has previously served as Assistant Priest in St Peter’s, Gloucester (2010-2012) and as Chaplain to the University of Bristol (2012-2015) and Vocations Director for Clifton Diocese from 2012 to 2019.

Contact Fr Matt through the website or by email: bristol.stbernadette@cliftondiocese.com

Parish Outreach Worker:

Mrs Caroline Sadd

Caroline, a parishioner of St Bernadette’s, was appointed in 2020 to help to develop our missionary focus and to enflesh our vision – ‘In the name of Jesus – Welcomed, Loved, Sent’. She has run Alpha in conjunction with the parish and St Bernadette’s Secondary School. She is looking at building stronger, meaningful relationships with the school; working with young people in the parish and building up ministries within the parish.

Parish Administrator:

Mrs Alice Maimone

Alice supports the administration of both of the parishes working out of the office at St Bernadette’s.

Contact Alice through the website or by mail: bristol.stbernadette@cliftondiocese.com or keynsham.stdunstan@cliftondiocese.com

Parish Treasurer:

Mike Peck – St Bernadette’s
David Pidcock – St Dunstan’s