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Keeping a Roof Over Our Heads

2018 was the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of St Bernadette’s Church. For over fifty years now this iconic building, built in the style of a pilgrim’s tent on the route to Glastonbury, has graced the Wells Road and all those passing it. This building is well-known for its interesting architecture, which comprises a double hyperbolic-parabaloid roof. It is a fascinating structure and highly-acclaimed for its innovative construction. It is a Grade II Listed Building.

For over fifty years, thousands of people have come through the doors of this church, and the local community has benefited from its presence. Unfortuantely, the building is falling into a state of disrepair. It is considered to be ‘Heritage at Risk’.

The parish of St Bernadette’s is currently seeking to raise awareness of the need to restore this wonderful building. We are looking at how we can be even more open and better serve the local community with the facilities we have here. We are also fundraising so that we might raise approximately £1.7 million to fully restore the church and later to develop the parish hall and car park and make this place a buzzing hub for the community. It is our hope that we might be able to secure some significant funding from grant-awarding bodies who recognise the important heritage-value of this beautiful building and how we can engage many people with this heritage.

Are you able to help us?

We are always looking for support, be it financial or spiritual. Do you have fond memories of St Bernadette’s that you would like to share? Would you like to donate to our heritage project? Would you even consider leaving a legacy? If so, please contact us.

See what happened when Sacha and Martin from BBC Radio Bristol came to visit the church. It was as part of the Sunday morning show where they are sent out to visit interesting places: