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Over the past fifty years, St Bernadette’s parish has touched the lives of thousands of people. We want to make sure that continues for the next fifty years. We want to safeguard our iconic parish church, doing so always with a mind to reaching out beyond the Catholic community, and being a community resource.

As a parish, it is our desire to engage with our parishioners and the wider community in order to find out how we can better serve each other and the local area. To this end, we asked the whole parish to complete a questionnaire in which we asked various questions about who we are as a parish; what should become of the church; and how can we better serve the local community. We also asked parents of children in St Bernadette’s Primary School to complete a similar questionnaire. This is important because many of the families at the primary school would not regularly attend the parish church.

The result of this ‘Consultation’ can be seen by clicking below:

Parish Consultation Feedback

Primary School Consultation Feedback

Also, at the end of January 2018, we held a couple of events in our parish hall where we asked for people to feedback about their memories of St Bernadette’s and their hopes for the future. Here are the results of that:

January 2018 Feedback